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I stumbled upon (not using stumbleupon) an interesting blog today. Not sure exactly how I got to it but 360mainstreet.com is a well written and very interesting blog.  There are not many articles yet but the resumes of the contributors look impressive.  This blog will be on my RSS feed and I look forward to good things from them!



Senior Pictures

I had a senior portrait session last week.  This week has been so hectic I just got around to editing a few of the images.
This picture was taken in Old Saginaw City with some fresh graffiti that had not been completely defiled yet.

(side note) I really hate it when someone takes the time to create a great piece of street art and then some punk tagger ruins it.

Not all the pictures were done with graffiti in the background but I really liked this one. We did some in the studio, on the railroad tracks, at a loading dock and against a building that was built in the 20’s and had some great art features.

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Crazy Jack’s Custom Cycles

Met with Jason last night at the Crazyjack Industries location in Bridgeport, MI. I met the bike building crew and we snapped a few pictures. Are these guys crazy? Most of them are!
Crazy Jack Custom
The bikes they build are great and I look forward to working with them more in the future.

Street Boss Movie

I’m looking forward to finally being able to see the premiere of Street Boss.  I had the pleasure of working as a still photographer on the set at several locations around Saginaw, MI and at Jackson Prison last summer.  There were a lot of great people and I also got in a scene as an extra.  Of all things I played a crime scene photographer.

This picture was taken durring a scene being shot at the Saginaw Country Club.

Here we have a posed image with Vincent Pastore of “The Sopranos” fame.

This picture was taken at the Jackson State Prison in Michigan. This is Carmen Argenziano in jail!

From what I hear the Temple Theatre in Saginaw is completely sold out for the premiere.  I’m glad we got our tickets early.

Springtime in Mid-Michigan

Springtime is here is Saginaw, MI.  I have decided that I’m going to work on my nature photography this summer.  I don’t really seem to have an eye for nature so I want to improve.  After a hard winter it is nice to see the spring bulbs starting to flower!

2009 Spring Tulip

2009 Spring Tulip

Smoke on the Mountain

Smoke on the Mountain
I had a chance to see “Smoke on the Mountain” performed at the Saginaw Pit and Balcony Theatre. This is a great show. The music is fun and the story line is full of some great laughs. Tonight and tomorrow are the last two performances so gather the family and friends and head to old town saginaw for a night of live performance.


Diva Night

I was asked to do the headshots for the annual Diva Night at Pit and Balcony.  It is an honor to be asked to be the photographer because in past years some of the best photographers in Saginaw have done the headshots.  The final images are not picked yet but I was pleased with the results.  The final images will be in black and white.

Diva Night 1

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event because it is the same weekend as the Michigan Galaxy Pageants and I’m the official photographer.

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Car Pictures

If you’ve read this blog enough you have probably figured out that I take car pictures for the Labadie Dealerships in Bay City, MI.  These pictures end up on a lot of websites like AutoTrader, Cars.com and others.

This type of vehicle photograph can be a little boring because it’s the same shots day after day.  The element of challenge comes with the light.  A car a like a big mirror and shooting outside in full sun makes things tough.

2003 Olds Silhouette

2003 Olds Silhouette

This used Silhouette was shot in full daylight on a snowy day.

2007 Saturn Auro

2007 Saturn Auro

This 2007 Saturn Aura picture was taken after a cloud rolled in.  It’s much easier to get a good picture with some cloud cover.

2008 Chevrolet Impala

2008 Chevrolet Impala

Sometimes white cars can cause an auto white balance to freak out but on a sunny day with snow and the garage in the backround the auto WB worked with this used Chevy Impala.

Doubt at Pit and Balcony

Sometimes work doesn’t seem like work.  Last night was one of the times.  I have the honor of being the photographer for the Pit and Balcony 2009 spring season.  Last night my job was to take stills at the performance of “Doubt”.  The set is amazing and the performance was engaging.

Doubt at Pit and Balcony

Click here to read the Mlive review

I enjoyed the performance and would like to watch the movie to see the differences.  This play only has a few performances left and I highly recommend it.