Lingerie Model Danjer Kat

The other week Danjer Kat visited my photography rental studio in Bay City, MI.  I had tried to work with here a few times in the past but this was the first time we were able to get together.  The way I usually enter into a photo shoot, especially on the first shoot, is to see what the model brought with her and have her wear what she is comfortable with.  I don’t dictate the outfit (or lack thereof).  Once I see what the model is wearing I’ll figure out how I want to light and shoot it.  Danjer Kat brought with her a great selection of colorful lingerie.  When I saw this bra and panty combination I figured that putting here on a black background would be perfect.

female lingerie model


Last Minute Photo Shoot

I got a phone call and had to throw together a photo shoot really fast.  The model got the clothing and makeup done in Saginaw and they drove to Bay City for the shoot.

It was about 4pm in the afternoon and there was not a cloud in the sky.  No assistant and all my equipment was in Saginaw.  I simply had a model, camera with 3 lenses, a great location and full blasting sun!

Sarah wearing BB Dakota Summer 2009 Dress

Sarah wearing BB Dakota Summer 2009 Dress

The pictures turned out great.  Now we need to decide which one the client is going to use for their magazine ad.

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Beautiful Day in Michigan

Is spring finally here?  It is a beautiful day in mid-Michigan today.  Being a Friday I got stuck at my desk most of the day.  I had to get out for a little bit though.  I took a few pictures of some new 2009 GMC Acadia’s for

2009 GMC Acadia Red Jewel Tintcoat

2009 GMC Acadia Red Jewel Tintcoat

2009 GMC Acadia Summit White

2009 GMC Acadia Summit White

Diva Night

I was asked to do the headshots for the annual Diva Night at Pit and Balcony.  It is an honor to be asked to be the photographer because in past years some of the best photographers in Saginaw have done the headshots.  The final images are not picked yet but I was pleased with the results.  The final images will be in black and white.

Diva Night 1

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event because it is the same weekend as the Michigan Galaxy Pageants and I’m the official photographer.

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Car Repair

I was doing some work on the Labadie Buick GMC Cadillac website.  Today my concentration was on the body shop.  The manager of the body shop asked me to get some new pictures.  Of course I wanted action shots . . . cool stuff with sparks flying and such.  The before and after pictures are great but they are a little borning.

Every once and a while there is an image that everything just seems to come together.  This shot from the body shop today was one of those images.
Auto Body Shop Worker
I had the Olympus E500 camera set to auto (I didn’t want to look through the lens at the welding flair) with ISO and 100 using the Olympus FL-36R also set to auto.  There was a minimal amount of tweeking in Lightroom.

Home Office Snapshots

I inadvertently stumbled across a website I found interesting today – Home Office Snapshots. No I wasn’t using stumbleupon I just happened to be reading a marketing article and three clicks later I was at this website. It’s one of the time wasting websites that people seem to love so much. I have to admit that I was drawn in. It made me feel like I need to go home and improve my home office. There are great setups that make me want to drool and others that prove just how messy my office space is. Did people clean up their office space just to take a picture or are people really that neat? So I suggest that anyone reading this click over and waste some time while I clean my desk!

Home Office Snapshots

Home Office Snapshots

Wedding Photography

I had the pleasure of working a wedding this weekend with Image Artz Photography. Ginny is a great person to work with. I have done a lot of fashion but not a lot of weddings. Ginny has been doing weddings for over 16 years and I was able to learn a lot just in one day working with her. I look forward to work with her again in the future and with her sister company Mid-Michigan Weddings.