Buick Leasing Deals

A new month means new deals at the Buick dealership in Michigan that I work at.  As an Internet Marketing Director it is my responsibility to get all of the new information and deals out to many many places.  Unless you are familiar with website coding and graphic design, you probably don’t realize how much time it takes even to update small things.  One of the time consuming parts of the job is content for the big ass electronic sign we have out front.

The sign out front of the business is basically like a huge television.  The only problem is, the software used to run the sign is very outdated and clunky.  There are many steps involved just to update an image let alone a video.  For the sake of time my department usually creates static images first and then slowly throughout the month create video.

First thing this morning we wanted to get the Buick leasing deals up and running.  With an electronic sign the person driving buy has about 2 seconds to view the screen so the message needs to be big and short.  Here are a few that were created this morning.

Another Re-do for Labadie

I am working on another re-do of an old entry site for Labadie Auto Company. This time I was working on LabadieToyota.com

The site was a little old and stale. It was a one page site that linked into their main site (toyota.labadieauto.com). I once again decided to use WordPress to design the site. I used the Chrome template from Revolution Two. The Revolution tempates are great and coded so that they are easy to modify.