Last Minute Photo Shoot

I got a phone call and had to throw together a photo shoot really fast.  The model got the clothing and makeup done in Saginaw and they drove to Bay City for the shoot.

It was about 4pm in the afternoon and there was not a cloud in the sky.  No assistant and all my equipment was in Saginaw.  I simply had a model, camera with 3 lenses, a great location and full blasting sun!

Sarah wearing BB Dakota Summer 2009 Dress

Sarah wearing BB Dakota Summer 2009 Dress

The pictures turned out great.  Now we need to decide which one the client is going to use for their magazine ad.

Need a photo for you advertisement, website or portfolio?  Contact me.

More BB Dakota Pictures

Another shipment of BB Dakota clothing at the store on Tuesday. We had just sent out a mass e-mail for the weekend shopping. Of course by trying to drive a few hundred shoppers to our website we had to get the new clothing online. We were able to get a few models to show up the night before Thanksgiving for a photo shoot. I had the opportunity to have my first shoot with Carissa. She did a runway show two weeks ago for the boutique (at Burt Watson Pontiac Chevrolet) but I had not worked with her. For a first photo shoot she did a great job!

Carissa in BB Dakota
Carissa wearing the BB Dakota Bloomington Dress.

I over exposed the images a little and the backdrop was a bit wrinkled. I didn’t notice this until I got home and started to edit the images.

Photoshoot at Tattoo Shop

We received some new clothing from BB Dakota at the store on Friday. This always means it’s time to round up a few models for a photo shoot to get the clothing online. We made a few phone calls and got Fawn, current Miss Teen Michigan Galaxy, and Sarah. I had never worked with Fawn before but we had worked with Sarah many times.

Saturday the weather turned out to be quite nice so we did a combination of shots in the studio and outdoors. We decided that it may be interesting to take a few shots at the tattoo shop across the street from the store. The people at Rock Solid Tattoo were very helpful. Because of health concerns the tattoo artist went around cleaning everything after us. We are glad that they allowed us to take a few pictures even though it caused them this extra work.

BB Dakota Jack Bright
The picture above is Fawn and Sarah wearing the BB Dakota Jack Bright dress in steel blue.

Saturday Fashion Shoot

The fall 2008 BB Dakota coats just keep arriving.  This Saturday we had two models:
Paige – who last month competed in the 2009 Miss Michigan Teen USA pageant and won the most photogenic award!
BB Dakota Marlis Coat
Jolene – this was the first time we worked with Jolene and she was great! Jolene brought along her twin babies and we had to get pictures of them also.
BB Dakota Alpha

The weather was mild and we decided to have some fun at the photo shoot and take the pictures outside. We walked down the street, leaned on old buildings and threw leaves around. Everyone had a great time and we got some fun shots.

Vanessa’s First Time

A models first photo shoot always seems a little stiff and awkward. I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa this weekend. She had done a runway show 2 weeks ago but this was her first photo shoot. We were shooting clothing for a clothing boutique.

Vanessa in BB Dakota
BB Dakota Fall 2008 Frock dress in moonstone. This was one of the first images from the day.

Vanessa in BB Dakota
BB Dakota Fall 2008 Sasha skirt and Claudette blouse. This was about one hour later and Vanessa appears a lot more relaxed and natural.

Vanessa in BB Dakota
BB Dakota Fall 2008 Arcade Hoodie in green. At this point Vanessa was getting comfortable in front of the camera and is starting to get “into” the shoot.

For any model the more experience that can be gained by working with different locations and photographers, the more natural the pictures look.