Product Photography

I decided that the past weekend would be a great time to get some marketing for my photography studio rental business.  Knowing that people like to see an  equipment list I figured that was a good place to start.  Being both a photography studio and an online marketer, I figured that a list wasn’t good enough – there has to be pictures.

photography light modifiers

So after some vacuuming and general cleaning I pulled down my white paper backdrop.  There was about 7-10 feet of spots and other nastiness where the models had been standing on the paper over the past few months.  So the next thing that had to be done was cut off the paper.  Using a razor blade I lopped off a few feet.  “Well there goes about $20,” I said to myself as I threw the paper in the storage room.  The next step was to put pull down the white paper and lay the white floor on top of it.

Because the pictures were going to be of the strobes and light modifiers that are available for rent with studio time, constant or “hot lights” were going to be required.  If you’re not familiar with photography terminology, the term hot light has been used for years because the amount of light required for photography meant high wattage lights that get very hot when left on for any amount of time.  Now days the lights typically are LED or florescent so there isn’t much heat created.  I pulled out two Interfit Photographic Super Cool-lites with softboxes and wheeled out my first product.

Going to take my first picture I couldn’t find my tripod.  No big deal, I said to my self, I can just make sure I’m standing in the same spot.  MISTAKE.  When the images were brought into Photoshop for editing they were all different sizes because the focal distance was not consistent.  Not only that I had zoomed in the camera differently for each image.

Mistake #2.  I had forgotten to check my white balance settings on the camera.  The camera was last used with the auto white balance setting.  Because of that each image was a little different.  For the images that had white on the product the balance was good.  For the images that had little or no white on the product the balance was off and the background look grey.

I’m supposed to be a professional at this stuff and made a few major mistakes.  These mistakes cost me a lot of time because of extra editing that needed to be done.  Guarantee I won’t make that mistake again.


0 Down Lease Deals

toyota dealership in michigan
Super low lease payments are always being advertised by car dealerships.  I’m not sure if anyone believes them because there is always fine print and fees they don’t tell you about.  What if I don’t want to waste my time going into the dealership just to find out I need a few thousand due at lease signing or the monthly payment goes up by over a hundred per month. So now I can’t afford the car that caught my eye in the advertisement.

It can’t be just me who wants the truth.  Show us a real monthly payment with very little due when I sign the lease.  And by monthly payment I mean what I see is what I’m paying each month.  I can’t be the only person in America that pretty much lives from paycheck to paycheck and doesn’t want to dip into what little savings are available to get a new car.

Best selling authors of the past few years like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Malcolm Gladwell, and others have all been talking about the importance of trust and community.  Trust is hard to build with all that fine print in standard “0 Down Lease Deal” car offers.

That’s why it was refreshing to hear that the sales manager at Labadie Toyota wanted to put out a 0 down leasing deal without the standard BS.  He is advertising 36 month 36,000 mile zero down leasing deals with $0 security deposit and all the tax, title and fees are included in the advertised payment.  I hope this trend continues – or at least the fine print becomes regular sized print so we can trust the car dealer advertising that we see.