Beauty Pageant Judge?

I had the opportunity to judge a beauty pageant this past Saturday.  I knew that my wife had been asked to judge and I planned on going anyway.  My usual role at these (and most other events) is as a photographer.  I got a call on Friday night about 5pm and they had a judge that was ill and needed a fill in.
Pride of Montpelier Pageant
Having a wife that was the state director for a pageant and having been a pageant parent they figured I was up to the job.  I agreed and was emailed the bio sheets and photos to judge photogenic.  I had my wife drive for a few hours on the way to OH so I could go over the information and judging sheet.  I must admit that being a pageant judge was a little more difficult than I thought.  I’ve sat in the audience for many pageants and scratched my head wondering why some of my picks were not in the top 10 or top 5.  I now have a little more insight into the judging process and I’m sure there were people in attendance that night who were judging the judging, just as I have done on many occasions.

The Pride of Montpelier Pageant was a very organized pageant and it was difficult to make a final decision.  The contestants were all great and I wanted all of them to get a prize.  In the end there is only one winner per category.  I have read it and heard it but ultimately the interview really does make or break a contestant.  So next time I’m sitting in the audience and want to criticise the judges I will have to think twice because I don’t know what happened in the hours before when they were meeting with the contestants.


Zombies in Old Town Saginaw

As part of the 2009 Lawn Chair Film Festival it was zombie night in Saginaw!  Last night the film festival was showing Shawn of the Dead and the night featured a zombie costume contest.  There were some great costumes and incredible make-up jobs.  One zombie had a pipe sticking out of his chest that dripped blood.

The night was a lot of fun and aside from about 5-10 minutes of light rain the movie weather was great!

2009 Lawn Chair Film Festival Zombie Night

Lawn Chair Film Festival Zombie Contest

2009 Lawn Chair Film Festival Zombie Night

For more Saginaw zombie pictures click here.

2009 Dow River Roar

The wife and I spent the weekend in Bay City working at the Dow River Roar.  On Saturday my wife had the Michigan Galaxy Queens down at the river helping kids in the Kroger Kids Zone.  I spent the weekend running around and snapping pictures.

2009 Bay City River Roar

Some picutres from the weekend can be seen at:
I’ll keep posting more as the time to edit permits.  Images will also be posted on the River Roar website.

2009 Bay City River Roar
Champ F2 boat sponsored by Rico’s of Saginaw beats out local driver of Prime Brothers boat for the checkered flag!

Lawn Chair Film Festival

I stopped by the Red Eye Coffee House over the weekend and the flyers are out for the Lawn Chair Film Festival!  Yeah!!!

Here is the schedule for the summer:
Sunday, June 21 – It’s A Wonderful Life
Sunday, June 28 – House Bunny
Sunday, July 5 – Avenue Montaigne
Sunday, July 12 – Iron Man
Sunday, July 19 – Shaun of the Dead (I love this movie!)
Sunday, July 26 – Ghost Town
Sunday, August 2 – Madagascar II
Sunday, August 9 – Slumdog Millionaire
Sunday, August 16 – Sixteen Candles
Sunday, August 23 – The Visitor

Where:  Located in the parking lot, corner of Ames & N Hamilton in Old Saginaw City.
Cost:  FREE!!!

Movies start at dusk.

Fashion Show at Bay Valley Resort

I had the pleasure of being the photographer at a wonderful fashion show at Bay Valley Resort in Bay City, MI last night.  The hors d’oeuvres were excellent and the staff at the resort was great.  This fashion show was first class from start to finish.  The music and sound was provided by High Fidelity Entertainment and the show was a promotion for the new Fashion Plate segment that is part of Review Magazine.

Fashion Show at Bay Valley

Smoke on the Mountain

Smoke on the Mountain
I had a chance to see “Smoke on the Mountain” performed at the Saginaw Pit and Balcony Theatre. This is a great show. The music is fun and the story line is full of some great laughs. Tonight and tomorrow are the last two performances so gather the family and friends and head to old town saginaw for a night of live performance.

Diva Night

I was asked to do the headshots for the annual Diva Night at Pit and Balcony.  It is an honor to be asked to be the photographer because in past years some of the best photographers in Saginaw have done the headshots.  The final images are not picked yet but I was pleased with the results.  The final images will be in black and white.

Diva Night 1

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event because it is the same weekend as the Michigan Galaxy Pageants and I’m the official photographer.

Do you need a professional headshot?
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Pageant Photography

I’m thinking forward to the 2009 Michigan Galaxy Pageant and wondering what equipment to take with me.  I’ve taken pictures as a  journalist at the Miss Michigan USA pageant and some other smaller pageants, but this is my first time being the official event photographer.  Do I empty out the studio and take all the portable equipment or do I pick and choose a few items?

I know that I need a backdrop for taking headshots.  Do I take the large stand with white paper or do I take the white collapsible backdrop with stand?

Do I want to go with a simple one light setup with a large umbrella?

One Light Setup

One Light Setup

Or do I want a 3 light glamour setup with a barndoor fill, medium softbox main and a grid hairlight?

Three Light Setup

Three Light Setup

Any suggestions? I’ve got a month to figure this out so some comments would be helpful.