About David Defoe

I grew up in Bay City Michigan.  I started my high education experience at Belmont College in Nashville, TN studying music business and record production but ended up finishing school at Northwood University with a dual degree in Management and Marketing.  After graduating I moved to Los Angeles and spent the next 7 years working in the magazine industry and 1 year in Austin, TX (also working in the magazine industry) before moving back to Michigan.  While back in Michigan I have worked a plethora of jobs including selling Life Insurance and investment products, doing Internet and web-hosting support at Concentric Network (later became XO Communications), doing production planning at Delphi Steering Division (where I wrote a program that eliminated my job), and most recently doing on-line marketing for the Labadie family of car dealerships.  The digital SLR camera rekindled my interest in photography and it has been a hobby/second job.

2 thoughts on “About David Defoe

  1. Hey David! I am currently living in Bay City and have always wanted some professional pictures taken of myself. People tell me I should be a model, but I’ve never been able to actually go through with it! I would love to come in for a photoshoot sometime. Please let me know! Thanks!!


  2. Hello David

    Hi my name is Jay Lago, I also grew up in Bay City. I was on the web burning some time and was just searching and seeing were it lead me and I came across your Defoe Shipyard Website. I went to St. James Elementary School and lived on Madison Ave. right around the corner. While Going to St. James I was held back in the second grade and had a touter for the summer and she was a Defoe from your family. This was in the late sixties and I was young and now old and having a time trying to remember her first name now. ( It will wake me up and I ‘ll remember in the middle of the night.) She even took me to her fathers house one day and showed me her fathers electric train, set up in the basement of their home. She did straighten me out, I never failed another class again in my life.
    Thanks for the time. I am not sure why I am responding, I just ran across your site and it brought back some very good memory’s.

    Thanks Again
    Jay B Lago


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