No Picture Weekend

I kind of took the weekend off and didn’t shoot a single frame.  It was the 4th of July weekend and I just had a lot of other things to do.  It was a little strage to leave the camera bag at home and not shoot a single frame.  I have to admit that I did some editing a clean-up work on Sunday.  My wife will be attending the 2009 Galaxy Pageant Nationals this week and I had to get some images on a disc for a magazine article she wrote.  I had the Michigan Galaxy images on 2 different hard drives and in 4 different folders.  Not a good organizational plan.  So I had to make room on one hard drive and move all the 2009 Michigan Galaxy pictures to one place, find the best few images that would work for the article and burn a disc.  This got me in the archive mode and I cleaned up 2 hard drives and archived a bunch of images that were over 2 years old.

2009 Miss Michigan Galaxy

After doing a little hard drive cleaning I remembered that Crazy Jack’s Custom Cycles needed the images that were taken last week for an article submission on Monday.  I quick edited the images and emailed off the best ones to owner Jason Pries.

Crazy Jack Custom Cycles

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