Exercising with the WII

My wife has wanted the WII Fit ever since we got the WII.  I was watching Fox News one day and they were talking about the EA Sports Active and I was interested.  So my wife had her birthday and I got the EA Sports Active instead of the WII Fit.

WII EA Active

I don’t have the Wii Balance Board but read that you don’t need to to play the EA Active.  Having said all this last night I tried the game/workout for the first time.  I have to admin that it was enjoyable and it was a good workout.  Being my first time I setup my person and selected the easy muscle toning workout.  The workout took about 27 minutes even with the explinations.  I worked up a mild sweat and could feel a mild muscle burn.  The workout was not overly difficult or strenuous.

Being completely out of shape I could feel a little soreness this morning when I woke up.  I highly recommend the EA Sports Active and soon I will be taking the 30 day challenge.  There are a lot of features in this game that my wife and I haven’t even started to explore.  I think this will help us get in shape and has a lot of options to keep you interested and motivated.

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