Internet Growth

I’ve been working with websites and the Internet since 1991.  I remember working for a major publishing company and suggesting that we put our content on the Internet (at that time a graphical bulletin board that was dead 6 months later because of the browser).  When I suggested it to the president of the publishing company he turned me down saying, “I don’t see how we’ll make any money.”  Well this guy is no longer the president of the publishing company but the Internet continues to grow.  In fact today more and more newspapers and magazine are stopping print copies and going to completely digital.

So here we are 16 years later and I still hear businesses say that they don’t understand how they will make any money being on the Internet.  Forrester is predicting an 11% increase in online sales for 2009 which in a down economy is huge!  They predict that this online shopping growth will come at the expense of physical stores because people are shifting where they get their information.

You don’t have to be a retail store to understand that if you’re not on the Internet you need to be.  With the 30 and under crowd most don’t even have a phone book in their house or apartment.  They want information – they look it up online.  How about TV?  Most of the younger generation is now watching TV shows online.  With sites like Hulu what is that going to do to your local TV advertising?

If you have any type of business and you do not have an online presence you need one.  This information sounds like deja-vu from a few years ago but we are still in the same place.

Need a website?  Have a website and need to get it advertised on the Internet?  Contact me.

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