Spring Home Improvements

Spring seems to have finally arrived in Michigan.  Like last year I have lofty goals for working on the house and yard. 

Two years ago be purchased a beautiful house in an up-scale older neighborhood in Saginaw, MI.  We knew this house was going to be a 10 year project but we may have underestimated.  This may be a 15 year project!

this old house project

The past two years I done a lot to remove the overgrown landscaping and we haven’t been able to add any new – because there is a lot more old to remove.

The huge project that I’m going to start to tackle this summer is taking the paint off the cedar siding.  Luckely the paint was not done properly and it is all starting to flake off.  With thousands of square footage this will probably take a few summers.

This summer my plan is to start with the entryway on the front.  This will give some curb appeal.  Then I will start at the back of the house where no one will see me working.

stripping cedar siding

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