Pageant Photography

I’m thinking forward to the 2009 Michigan Galaxy Pageant and wondering what equipment to take with me.  I’ve taken pictures as a  journalist at the Miss Michigan USA pageant and some other smaller pageants, but this is my first time being the official event photographer.  Do I empty out the studio and take all the portable equipment or do I pick and choose a few items?

I know that I need a backdrop for taking headshots.  Do I take the large stand with white paper or do I take the white collapsible backdrop with stand?

Do I want to go with a simple one light setup with a large umbrella?

One Light Setup

One Light Setup

Or do I want a 3 light glamour setup with a barndoor fill, medium softbox main and a grid hairlight?

Three Light Setup

Three Light Setup

Any suggestions? I’ve got a month to figure this out so some comments would be helpful.

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