WordPress.com vs Own Domain

I was recently speaking with the sales rep for a SEO company.  There products and services were great and I’m seriously considering using their service for at least one of the websites that I manage.  One of the topics that some of my websites ranked low on was our blog.  I have been using WordPress for the blogs instead of housing the blog on a sub-domain of the site.

Like usual this presented me with a challenge.  I have used WordPress successfully to get links on Google within 24 hours but what will  happen with I use a sub-domain blog with WordPress?

I have been using the domain of defoenet.com for just over 8 years.  So this is an established domain name.  I created the sub-domain of baycity.defoenet.com, installed wordpress and started to make some posts.  I also made a post on this blog to try to generate at lease an initial look by Google.  The WordPress blog announcement worked.  Google visited the site and I got a listing within 24 hours.  I have made a new post every day for the past few days and checked the traffic and placement on Google for the posts.  Almost no hits to the blog and I can’t find the new posts within the first 12 pages of google.  Perhaps I need to take some pictures around the city of places that are more obscure and see how the Google placement shows.

Google Search Results for baycity.defoenet.com

Google Search Results for baycity.defoenet.com

Now contrast this blog experiment with another less established domain name.  1 year ago we registered the domain great-gm-deals.comand really didn’t promote it or do anything with it.  This domain is for a car dealership.  The automotive industry is very competitive when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings.  We knew that on January 1, 2009 we were going to launch this domain as the primary domain to change from a domain that has been in place for 12 years.  Major challenge – right?

For the launch of great-gm-deals.com I started blogging in November (there was a working site on the domain).  I only used a blog on WordPress (labadieauto.wordpress.com) and nothing else.  The domain quickly shot to the first page on Google for a lot of the keywords for the site and is still above the fold for most of the keywords.  This clearly shows that Google gives more weight to a blog housed on WordPress.com.

Google Results for Buick Bay City

Google Results for Buick Bay City

I understand that we don’t really want people leaving our domain to get more information.  But is that necessary?  What we want is customers and eyeballs.  If my blog is found by people that would never visit my main website and they find information they like AND it gives me better placement with Google than my own domain . . . well I’m going to keep blogging on WordPress.com.

2 thoughts on “WordPress.com vs Own Domain

  1. Talk about a pain when it comes to understanding SEO. Sad that optimization is thwarted when the Search Engine is owned by a content hosting solution. I bet using Yahoo or other search engines the Google owned entities get proper placement.


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