Dealership Reporting

I work for a group of auto dealerships. We recently switched our DMS (data management system) to Arkona. We had been using another system for years and got used to that system. Like any system change there is a bit of a learning curve. We are now just over 3 months into using the Arkona DMS and it is a great system and saving the dealership a lot of money.

There does seem to be a serious lack in reporting functions. If you are a data wiz and want to get all your raw data from the system it is very nice and easy. But what do you do with all the data? What if you don’t know how to create a report? Then you’re out of luck until they create some.

A while back a friend of mine came to me with a report that he has used for years to motivate the sales staff and create F&I profits. He has setup a company called Business ScoreBoards. This is a great program and has worked well in the dealerships that are using it.

While I have been trying to get reports out of Arkona it appeared to me that Business ScoreBoards is a great option for dealerships looking for an inexpensive way to get info. I’m working with Business ScoreBoards to create the scoreboard for Arkona customers.

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