More BB Dakota Pictures

Another shipment of BB Dakota clothing at the store on Tuesday. We had just sent out a mass e-mail for the weekend shopping. Of course by trying to drive a few hundred shoppers to our website we had to get the new clothing online. We were able to get a few models to show up the night before Thanksgiving for a photo shoot. I had the opportunity to have my first shoot with Carissa. She did a runway show two weeks ago for the boutique (at Burt Watson Pontiac Chevrolet) but I had not worked with her. For a first photo shoot she did a great job!

Carissa in BB Dakota
Carissa wearing the BB Dakota Bloomington Dress.

I over exposed the images a little and the backdrop was a bit wrinkled. I didn’t notice this until I got home and started to edit the images.

26 thoughts on “More BB Dakota Pictures

  1. According to BB Dakota’s very helpful customer service rep, Jacquelyn (via e-mail as of 4/2/09):

    We are making the jacket again. It will be called the Twilight jacket and here are a couple places you will be able to find it around the end of July.

    “…we are making quite a few so hopefully we will be able to accommodate almost everyone. We are trying to make the jacket EXACTLY the same. We have pulled up all the old files and designs, and everything down to the buttons should be exactly the same. The lake blue color looks a bit darker in person than it is in the movie, but I think they did something with the lighting to make the jacket a bit lighter in the movie. But it will be the same exact jacket, we wanted to make sure we didn’t change anything!”


  2. BB Dakota plans on introducing back the Leigh cargo jacket this fall, but under their junior brand, Jack by BB Dakota.

    The jacket is aptly named, “Twilight” 😉


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